Catalogue of spectral properties of Type 1 AGN (selected from SDSS DR10)

Version 2.0.0
The QSFit reference paper: MNRAS, 72, 4, 4051-4080 (2017)arXiv preprint.

The QSFit catalog (ver. 2.0.0) is a collection of spectral properties of 79,986 Type 1 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), obtained by the SDSS-DR10 survey.
The QSFit catalog was compiled using the QSFit software package, specifically designed to automatically perform spectral analysis of AGN at optical/UV wavelengths, in a simple, replicable and shareable way.
The catalog provides estimates of:
  • AGN continuum luminosities and slopes at several rest frame wavelengths;
  • host galaxy luminosities (for sources with z < 0.8);
  • luminosities, widths and velocity offsets of 20 individual emission lines (Hα, Hβ, MgII, [OIII], CIV, etc.), and luminosity of the blended Balmer lines (n ≥ 7);
  • luminosities of iron blended lines at optical and UV wavelengths;
  • luminosity of the Balmer continuum;
  • several "quality flags" to assess the reliability of the results.
The catalog is available as a FITS table. We also provide an enlarged version of the catalog where we added, for each source, the quantities reported in the Shen et al. 2011 catalog, to allow an easy comparison of the estimates in both catalogs.

You can browse the catalog using the search form below. The available search criteria are: the SDSS plate/MJD/fiber; the SDSS name; a redshift interval; and coordinates circle.
For each source we provide the interactive plot of best fitting model and residuals, the QSFit and Shen+11 estimates, several images of the source (using AladinLite), the SDSS FITS file of the spectra used for the analysis and the QSFit outputs, namely the log file, the gnuplot files and the IDL binary file where all the relevant info are stored.
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L. Nicastro & G. Calderone 2016−19